Why do I love real estate?

How important is your home to you? Is it a welcoming oasis when you get off work? Do you dream of lying under your cozy covers in bed with the sun pouring in your picture window on a lazy Sunday morning? Do you love sipping your coffee before work and watching your dog chase squirrels in the backyard? Do you make most of your memories with family around the dinner table?

How did you find your home?

It is now easier than ever to search property online. How many bedrooms do you want? Need a garage? A pool? Got a price range? Simple as that - or is it?

This is where I come in. As a (native) expert in my market, I know how to get people what they want. I know where you can get a home with a pool under a certain price within 2 miles of the beach. I know which buildings allow dogs over a certain weight or are flexible on credit requirements. I know which neighborhoods have easy access to public transportation, amazing public parks and other amenities or are right in the middle of your two favorite grocery stores. I know how to write a contract and to fight for your best interests.

Can your online search do that?

With all the tools available to you, still nothing can compare to the professional touch of a Realtor®. I am there for you when you have questions, I am there for you when contracts are confusing, and I am there for you when you want to see the perfect property that has just hit the market. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to find you a house and help you make it your home.

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