How to get your home ready for showings

It’s not a house, it’s your home. The decision to sell isn’t an easy one. Although you may be looking forward to positive changes in your life – buying a bigger home, an apartment in the city, moving closer to family or relocating for a job – it can be hard to relinquish the beautiful memories you have made in your current space. Deciding to sell is the first step

Fort Lauderdale for the Day: What to do with 24 hours in Fort Lauderdale

I have 24 hours in fort lauderdale…now what? There is so much to do in Fort Lauderdale, it can be overwhelming to plan a vacation – especially a brief one. Are you looking for some help organizing the best, most Fort Lauderdale day ever? Take it from a native, these are some activities you don’t want to miss and will ensure that you experience everything we have to offer. If you skip

Home Buying Simplified

You’re Ready to Buy a home. Congratulations! This is a big step and a huge deal. Deciding that you’re done renting (paying someone else’s mortgage!) isn’t a simple decision, but it comes with so many benefits. Foremost, it’s an investment – and in a market like Fort Lauderdale home prices are soaring. In fact, in a recent article by Forbes, Fort Lauderdale is listed in the top 10 real estate markets

Simple Tips to Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning

Why wait for spring to start cleaning? In January, the end of the year inspires us to make resolutions, healthier choices and, importantly, to let go of everything weighing us down from the previous year. In March, spring starts – and with it the inspiration to clean and organize away the heaviness of winter to get ready for lighter clothes and warmer weather. But what about February? In contrast, February

Things to do in Fort Lauderdale on the Weekend

It’s the Weekend, now what? Fort Lauderdale is quickly becoming an urban metropolis to rival its southern neighbor Miami. Although graffitied warehouse districts boasting regular artwalks celebrating local creatives, frequent festivals touting outdoor music and revelry with delicious foodtrucks and local vendors, and rooftop yoga pool party events used to be only in the 305, now no weekend goes by without something fun and interesting to do in Broward. On

Why I Love Real Estate

Why do I love real estate? How important is your home to you? Is it a welcoming oasis when you get off work? Do you dream of lying under your cozy covers in bed with the sun pouring in your picture window on a lazy Sunday morning? Do you love sipping your coffee before work and watching your dog chase squirrels in the backyard? Do you make most of your